Thursday, September 30, 2010

Calendar Tea Towel

Ring in the new year with this modern graphic 2011 Calendar Tea Towel. Enjoy it year round as a kitchen towel or as a wall calendar.

What a great little etsy find! 


(Copy and Image via avrilloreti. More kitchen related finds from the shop.)

Chalkboard Globe

We all know I'm a big fan of chalkboard paint. And when I saw this DIY on Design*Sponge yesterday, I immediately thought of all my friends who have husbands in the army. Wouldn't this be a great way to show the kiddies where their dad is, while also learning. Love it.

(Check out the DIY project here)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stop Motion Film

I have recently fell in love with stop motion film. Also with Troy and Aimee Grover.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Love + Tattoos

I keep going back in forth with the idea of getting a tattoo. Do I want it, do I not? Will I regret it in 15 years? Will it come back to haunt me? I keep telling myself, 'Remember Jennifer, you can't wipe it off. It's there forever.'

However, I'm really liking this 'Love' tattoo on the back of this bride's neck. So quaint, femenine and the script is beautiful. 

(Photo via Scobey Photography)

Do you have a tattoo? Do you still like it?

Ps. I'm not actually sure I could ever go through with it. I'm not very fond of needles.

Silly Kitty

(photo via Desire to Inspire)

Is this not the funniest cat you've ever seen?! I love how it's just plopped there. So fat it can't help itself.

Hope this makes you laugh like it did for me.

Colorful Bottles

(Photos via Seesaw)

Aren't these bottles so beautiful? I love the way the light just shines through. The roommate and I have started a collection of mismatched bottles. They're sitting atop our kitchen cabinets. Purple, turquoise, an old milk bottle... They're beautiful. 


Awhile ago, the boy and I went to see Ray Lamontagne in concert. Let me just tell you, the best concert I've ever been to in my life. Just Ray and his guitar.

The opening act for Ray was a girl named Lissie. I'd never heard of her, but let me tell you, the boy and I were in awe. She's phenomenal.

(photo and video from Little Bits & Blogs)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Heidi Braids

Oh how I wish my hair was long. Slowly, but surely, it's growing out as we speak. If I had long hair, I think I would definitely do the heidi braid. Aren't they so fun?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Coffee Scrub

I only get paid once a month at my job. Bummer, huh? Towards the end of the month, I start to feel a little like a poor college kid again. So it's always fun to me to find things to do or make with common household items. Aimee came up with a really fun body scrub using....COFFEE! 


1 Small can of organic olives
2. One Orange
3. Two Lemons
4. Coffee grinds (preferably dark)
5. Handful of organic almonds
6. Organic Sugar
7. Neroli Essential Oil (from a health food store)


Step One: Once you have all of your ingredients, peel one orange and one lemon and process the rind as fine as you can.
Step Two: Squeeze both lemons and set aside the juice.
Step Three: Combine 3Tbsp ground coffee, 3Tbsp crushed almonds, and 4Tbsp sugar into your magic bullet (or other food processor).
Step Four: Add 3 chopped olives, 1Tbsp lemon rind, 1Tbsp orange rind, 2 Tbsp Lemon juice,  and 2 Tsp Neroli oil and blend blend blend! (I had to stir the mixture a few times & continue to blend to get the right consistency).
Feel free to tweak the recipe as you find fit! It may need a little extra Neroli/lemon juice for zest. Below you can see my final result on the left next to Red Flower’s authentic scrub on the right. I would say they look pretty close!


This body scrub is great for use in the bath/shower. Leaves your skin feeling soft & rejuvenated. Small batches are recommended – if you make more than you can use, give some to a friend :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a beautiful birth story

Joanna, over at A Cup of Jo, was so gracious enough to share the story of her son's birth with the world. Her beautiful writing made me feel as if I was in the room during that magical time. I laughed out loud, teared up, and fell a little in love with her son, Toby.

 (Images via A Cup of Jo. Read the story here.)

Flour Pot Bakery

I guess today is font day for me since this is my second post about type. Sarah Nicely did a lovely job with the identity system for Flour Pot Bakery. I want to take my little civic down to Gainesville, Florida and get a baguette to go. 


I'm such a nerd about type and design. I would love to have this print hanging in my office.

(image via Marc Johns)


I'm a sucker for a good wine label. The unique ones always catch my eye. These wine bottles from Swanson Vinyards definitely did the trick. You can even mix & match the labels to make your own case. Aren't they fantastic? 

(image via Oh Joy Eats)

Monday, September 20, 2010


I'm really wanting to live in a space with painted walls. Unfortunately, I just don't think being in apartment for a year is long enough. I don't know if it's worth it to prime it back in 10 months. However, Design*Sponge's list of painting resources is making me second guess my thoughts. Maybe I could just do one wall?

To Have, To Hold

Happy Monday! Hope your weekend was as lovely as mine. 

Something so pretty for your Monday morning. Wouldn't this be a great bag for a bride-to-be? 

(Bag by melangerienyc on etsy. Buy her bag here)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Snail mail

Andrew Bush photographed a beautiful collection of vintage and new envelopes. Wouldn't you just love to open your mailbox and be in awe of the packaging before you even get to the inside?

Hair Flowers

When it comes to being a girly girl and thinking about my future wedding, I can't decide if I would want to wear a veil or not.

The whimsical organza flower from Style by Soca is a fantastic alternative.

(Via Soca. Buy the beautiful Claire flower here.)


Isn't it everyone's dream to be able to be their own boss? I can't decide if I would enjoy it or despise it, but then I think about how I wouldn't have to be chained to a desk all day, how I could paint in the middle of the afternoon or maybe even do some yoga. Then that gets me thinking, why the heck would I not want to freelance and paint for the rest of my life? I think I found just the ticket...

Joy Cho (who we all know and love) with the help of her friend Meg, has written a book. Creative, Inc.: The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Freelance Business.

I think this is going on my want list.

Letter Light

By now we can tell I'm a big fan of DIY projects. Check this out. A LETTER LIGHT. Who'd a thunk it? Design*Sponge. They're the best.

While reading about this fabulous DIY project, I found out about a DIY community. Holy moly! My dream come true.

View the complete tutorial here.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Homemade Cakes

Once Wed is currently doing a brilliant series of homemade wedding cakes. So far, they've only shown two and I already have a favorite.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tomato and Bacon Sandwiches with Bacon Basil Mayo

I'm not a tomato fan at all, but how amazing does this sandwich look?

(via Framed. Recipe here)

Happy Colors

Happy Colors for your Tuesday morning!

Happy Times

This past weekend's adventures were some to remember...

The roommate and I trekked it over to the Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain Park on Saturday afternoon. Sweet little puppies, crafty booths and overpriced food were great sights to see.

This was my favorite booth of all. They had the cutest stuff! I'm determined to buy "This is the life" & "I love you to the moon and back".
This is me and my favorite little man, Colt. He's such a doll.

Before the braves game we went to get some food at Chili's. I was bummed that I forgot my glove (we had great seats in the outfield). Katy said this is how she would catch the homers.

The girls. (:

Our fabulous view at the game. They lost though. ):

Best part of our night. This guy in front of us (who looked like he was the captain of a shrimp boat) fell into a strawberry-filled funnel cake. We couldn't stop laughing at him.

Hope your weekend was as enjoyable as ours. (:

Friday, September 10, 2010

Not Your Grandma's Wallpaper

Wallpaper is really making a big comeback! I'm so excited about the great wallpaper out there recently. It's not all old grandma florals and circa 1960's. Design*Sponge has come up with 50 great resources to find fantastic wallpaper.

(One of my favorites is Joy Cho's wallpaper for Hygge&West)

Also, Barb wrote about how to decorate furniture with wallpaper. What a great idea!

Just for Giggles

I took a painting class last night at Just for Giggles with Megg and Katy. We had such a blast! The other 3 women in the class were hilarious and made the class so much fun! Two of them were sisters; you can only image the witty remarks they had for each other! We might try and make this a monthly girls outing. (:


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