Thursday, September 23, 2010

Coffee Scrub

I only get paid once a month at my job. Bummer, huh? Towards the end of the month, I start to feel a little like a poor college kid again. So it's always fun to me to find things to do or make with common household items. Aimee came up with a really fun body scrub using....COFFEE! 


1 Small can of organic olives
2. One Orange
3. Two Lemons
4. Coffee grinds (preferably dark)
5. Handful of organic almonds
6. Organic Sugar
7. Neroli Essential Oil (from a health food store)


Step One: Once you have all of your ingredients, peel one orange and one lemon and process the rind as fine as you can.
Step Two: Squeeze both lemons and set aside the juice.
Step Three: Combine 3Tbsp ground coffee, 3Tbsp crushed almonds, and 4Tbsp sugar into your magic bullet (or other food processor).
Step Four: Add 3 chopped olives, 1Tbsp lemon rind, 1Tbsp orange rind, 2 Tbsp Lemon juice,  and 2 Tsp Neroli oil and blend blend blend! (I had to stir the mixture a few times & continue to blend to get the right consistency).
Feel free to tweak the recipe as you find fit! It may need a little extra Neroli/lemon juice for zest. Below you can see my final result on the left next to Red Flower’s authentic scrub on the right. I would say they look pretty close!


This body scrub is great for use in the bath/shower. Leaves your skin feeling soft & rejuvenated. Small batches are recommended – if you make more than you can use, give some to a friend :)

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