Friday, May 20, 2011

Girly vs. Tomboy

I grew up in a sports-afilliated household. My dad was a sportscaster for a local TV station and my mom was a professional golfer. I attended my first baseball game at the tender age of 2 weeks. (Yes, I was 2 weeks old!) I played baseball/softball for many years. Gave golf a shot, wanted to try football but I wasn't allowed. (What is that about?!)

Saying all of that, I find it hard to be more on the girly side of things. I do my best sometimes (especially on date nights!) to do the dress-fingernails painted-hair done-makeup on-bit. (Never do I do the high heel bit.) Sometimes, I fail. I just can't help but be drawn to the tomboy look. Alas, another look I just can't help but loving. (Minus the shoes and notebook.)

(Check out each piece over at A Cup of Jo)

Which one do you lean towards more?

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  1. Your background is so interesting! I grew up in a sports-loving household too, but I turned out very girly. Yet I'll always love a good basketball game : ) I think women look their best when they wear what feels good and natural to them.



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