Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend recap

I'm not a huge fan of last minute change of plans. That happened a lot this weekend; God is definitely testing my patience. (:

On Friday night, I gave the boy a for-no-reason present (those are my favorite [please excuse his hat hair, haha]).

Then we ate some pot roast, I attempted to make Loveless Cafe biscuits (major fail) and then went to see Bridesmaids! This is what we thought of the movie.

On Saturday, we had big plans for a great day date, but then he had to work. I was bummed, but then I got to sit by the pool. That didn't last for very long, for 2 reasons. 1. It was grossly hot out, and I don't like the heat (however, I'm Nicole Kidman-white and need some major color on my skin) 2. I smelled. The heat, plus my nasty b.o. grossed me out. (maybe this is tmi? I'm sure you don't want to know that I smell after a day and half of now showering. but, deal with it.)

I also made a decently yummy baked oatmeal dish. I think it would have been better if my raspberries wouldn't have gone bad so quickly. It needed more fruit. But it looks pretty. (:

Saturday afternoon I had the pleasure of spending with one of my best friend's mother. We sat on the porch for about 3 hours chatting and then I stayed for dinner. I love that I can do that when my buddy isn't even there. (: I had major difficulty staying awake to watch my man on saturday night live, but I made it. This was my favorite skit on the finale. His opening monologue was pretty funny too. 

Hope everyone's weekend was awesome! 

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  1. I'm not a big change-of-plans person either, but it looks like you had a nice weekend. The photos of your guy opening the present are great!



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