Friday, July 8, 2011

My kind of town, Chicago is... [Part 2]

The 2nd half of Day 2 included the best part, THE CUBS GAME!! I am a big baseball fan. I'm not into all the stats and crazy info like that, but I love going to the games. The cheering, the ambiance, everyone coming together to enjoy America's favorite pastime. It's a beautiful thing. (Fun fact about me: I attended my first baseball game and mere age of 2 weeks old.)

My mom grew up in Chicago, so I have adopted her love for Wrigley Field and the Cubbies. Seriously, one of the best fields ever. I think because of all the history. (Can you tell I'm in love?)

Top down, cruising through Wrigleyville. What a great day.

Me and my momma hanging out in her hometown. Their "downtown" is just the coolest little "strip".

Gotta love some Cubs themed cornhole! (I won, by the way)

Loved this little cooler!

She's making me a little July 4th cocktail. 

My gma and her crazy old friends. Old people are funny when they're drunk. (:

On our round trip we passed a wind farm. A wind farm?! Coolest thing ever. These wind turbines ran for 33 miles, and as far back as the eye could see. My mom and I were super impressed. 
(all photos were taken with my iphone and ran through the crossprocess app.)

Hope everyone had a fabulous July 4th. And already the weekend is here again! Loving these short weeks. (:

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