Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year!

Is it too late to say Happy New Year? I hope not. Since I haven't told you lovelies yet, I will now. I hope your year is starting off with a bang! and you're having a blast. Today has been a snow day for us here in GA (6-10 inches in places!) and I'm completely iced in. And happy to say, I've been with my love all day.

Since I'm doing some catch up, here's how I spent my white Christmas...

My Gma's Christmas tree. She always tries to be House Beautiful. (:

We always go out to eat on Christmas Eve. We went to Flemings and mom and I shared some Whiting fish. Yumm-o.

Mom and I at dinner. 

Being the snob that she is, my gma asked for a Coach purse for Christmas. (It's ok, she knows she's a snob. (:  )We all chipped in and got her one. She does this move with her finger when she's excited. It's usually followed by "Beautiful dahhling."

SOOO excited about my TOMS.

Waiting for the train to go downtown for a few days. (:

I always take pictures of the Allerton Hotel everytime I'm in downtown Chi-town. It's kind of tradition. (:

Although we didn't have good pizza at Giordano's, we had a fun time waiting in the bar.

Graffiti in Gino's East

(All photos taken with my iPhone)

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