Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gift Cards

The boy had a little trouble with my Christmas gift this year. Found the perfect item, went to the store to pick it up and they were out of it. After going to one store, then calling another, he ended up ordering it online. (If you're wondering, it was a beautiful crotched scarf. He wanted me to wear it while I was in Chicago for the holiday.) Following the online order was an email saying the item had been discontinued. Bless his heart, he couldn't catch a break. After all that, he ended up with a gift card, but wanted to put it in something. He found the perfect item...

(clutch is found here)

Isn't it just adorable? It makes my heart happy. Nevertheless, I still have a gift card to use. And this cheeky little item has caught my eye. What do you think?

(owl is found here)

ps. I also have a Kate Spade gift card for $100.  Any ideas on what to get?

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