Monday, August 9, 2010

Dreaming of a Wedding

Lately, the boy and I have been talking a lot about marriage. We're really crossing our fingers we can make it work next year. I get giddy just thinking about it and the possibilities. However, the thought of spending all that money kills my excitement. The things that I'm oooing and aaahhing over are just way too expensive for us. I am completely in love with photography by Tec Petaja (his work is absolutely breathtaking) and set styling by Joy Thigpen (I mean, whoa! So beautiful). But Tec's base packages are around 5k and Joy typically works with weddings that are a minimum of 50k. All those numbers just make me sad.

I'm trying to contact an acquaintance of my mother, hoping we can hold the wedding in their backyard. Wouldn't it be so fantastic if I could get things donated? I have this dream of having such a beautiful beautiful wedding, but since I'll be paying for it myself, it will be a little difficult. Any wedding people want to do some pro-bono work?!

A beautiful Georgia wedding via Once Wed. Styled by Joy Thigpen, photographed by Tec Petaja.

Update: Here are a few more photographers that I love...

Jose Villa
Max Wanger
Our Labor of Love
Simply Bloom Photography
Erin hearts Court
One Love Photography

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