Monday, April 26, 2010

Hair help

Ever since my first highlight in the 11th grade, I've been addicted to coloring my hair. I get bored easily and always change it up. Different colors, different cuts. About a year ago, a chopped 12 inches off for Locks of Love. I was happy to do it, but miss my hair terribly. It's finally starting to get to a length I can deal with, thank goodness! But now, I've had the same hair color for about 9 months. THAT has to change.

I'm stuck! I need help! I'm wanting to do something different, but not too drastic. Any ideas?

Current hair. A little below shoulders, dark brown.

Length love.

Length love.
(Photos by One Love Photo)

No bangs?
(Photo by Jose Villa)


Side bangs? I already have some, but they definitely need to be shaped, if kept.

Blonde highlights?

Red highlights?
(Other photos from Google.)

I think I've covered just about every option... Any suggestions?

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