Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Marco Island

This past weekend was our beachy family reunion at Marco Island. Many, many, many laughs were had, games were played and birthdays were celebrated. 

The night I flew in, my mom, her two sisters and their mom went to go visit my great aunt Susan. (I was pretty bummed I didn't get to go). She turns 90 in March so they had cake, wine and a home-cooked meal. They said she was as sharp as a whip, hysterical and so so happy they were there to visit. (Side Note: my aunt Amy [blonde] bought Hello Kitty birthday hats just to be fun. We barely took them off all weekend. Multiple people made comments, took our picture, some sang to us, and we all got some free drinks!)

The sunsets were breathtakingly beautiful, food was yummy and the family time swelled my heart. We may be overwhelmingly dysfunctional and dramatic, but I still love my family. 

I'd love to share some pictures if you'd like to take a peek...

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