Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

My memorial day weekend was fun-filled and out of the ordinary! On Friday night I met up with Laura (who is my new roomie btw!), we had margaritas, I met her new boy toy and there was constant laughter! Loved. 

On Saturday morning the boy and I spontaniously decided to go to the Zoo! I've lived in atl since I was 8 and had never been to the Atlanta Zoo. I was like a little kid hyped up on 10 bags of cotton candy! 

 Look at that cotton candy butt on that monkey! Haha!

That sweet panda was my favorite. The lion might have been, but lazy thing wouldn't get out of the shade.

Sunday, Laura officially moved in. Yay! And Sunday night was another double date night at The Counter. I loved the sweet potato fries!

Of course we had to follow that with some yummy fro-yo! Ours was like an ice cream candy bar! (The snickers topping was phenomenal.)

Had to end the weekend with some pool time! Of course, I got burned.

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