Thursday, July 1, 2010

Apartment Inspiration

I'm so ecstatic about moving at the end of next month! The future roommate and I can't stop talking about hunting garage sales and good will for some great finds. We're so excited to decorate! I also can't stop thinking about re-doing my bedroom. That part of the apartment will be mine, so what shall I do with it? Hmm...

Here's some ideas...

I love that this bed is on wheels. Found here.

I've been wanting that bedspread for SO long. It's beautiful. I love how they paired the gray with yellow. Image found here.

How amazing is this charcoal gray paint! Image found here.

I love how clean and crisp this room is. So pretty. Image found here.

Can you believe how different they all are? Yet, I'm drawn to all of them.

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